SILA  by Chantal Bilodeau &
Lighting The Way Short Play Festival 

Directed by Michael Mufson

Seeking a diverse cast of imaginative and adventurous actors, dancers & puppeteers for this amazing and urgent play about the climate crisis and our neglected connection with the rest of the natural world.

OPEN CALL: Monday • October 7 • 6:30-10:30 PM • Studio Theatre • (sign-up for a time-slot at the bottom of this page)

Please prepare at least 2 of the options below (1-minute each):

  contemporary, dramatic monologue
  spoken word piece, original or found
  telling of a folktale (traditional or original)
  movement piece inspired by the elements of nature, animals and global climate disruption
  movement piece exploring the movement vocabulary of a land or sea animal

CALLBACKS: October 8, 6-11PM

SILA REHEARSALS: October 14 – December 5.
Monday-Friday 6:30 PM-10:30 PM. Some weekends possible.
Technical Rehearsals Saturday and Sunday, November 30 & December 1, 10AM – 10PM
Dress Rehearsals Monday, December 2 – Thursday December 5, 5PM-11PM


Friday, December 6 • 7PM
Saturday, December 7 • 7PM
Sunday, December 8• 2PM
Thursday, December 12 • 4PM
Friday, December 13 • 7PM
Saturday, December 14 • 7PM

SILA DESCRIPTION: Sila is the Inuit concept of the breath that connects all life. With a blending of Inuit mythology and and gritty realism, this urgent play exposes the devastating consequences of human beings losing their connection to the natural world and ancient wisdom.  Set in the Baffin Islands, just inside the Arctic Circle, eight characters – including a climatologist, an Inuit activist and two polar bears – find their values challenged as they grapple with a rapidly changing environment and world., The personal, political, mythical and ecological intertwine as crisis, danger and death shatter the world, only to reveal the possibility of healing.


TULUGAQ (sixties) – Inuk Elder.

LEANNA (fifties)- Inuk. Climate change activist.

JEAN (forties) – Québécois. Climate scientist with a specialty in sea ice.

THOMAS (forties) – English Canadian. Officer for the Canadian Coast Guard Marine Communications and Traffic Services.

VERONICA (thirties) – Inuk. Leanna’s daughter. Teaches at the high school and performs spoken-word poetry.

MAMA – An adult polar bear. Played by a puppet ensemble

DAUGHTER – A young polar bear cub. Played by a puppet ensemble

RAPHAËL (thirties) – Second-generation Québécois. Officer for the Canadian Coast Guard Marine Communications and Traffic Services.

THE ENSEMBLE:  The ensemble will be the heart and breath of the show.  They will:

•  Bring life to the MAMA and DAUGHTER Polar Bear Puppets
•  NULIAJUK  Puppet – Inuk Goddess of the Ocean and the Underworld
•  All the SEA ANIMALS
•  And provide elements throughout the show


DESCRIPTION: This international festival of short climate change plays is scheduled to premier this Fall. Lighting the Way will coincide with the Santiago Climate Change Conference (COP25) which serves as an international meeting of world leaders who gather to discuss tactics to significantly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions before the world faces catastrophic and irreversible consequences.   This series of short plays will be produced and presented in conjunction with our full production of Sila (The Arctic Cycle) in December.

Participants will help choose from the collection of plays and work with Michael to direct, act, design and produce the plays.  The number of plays and scope the production will be flexible based on the capacity of the participants.  We may do staged readings of some of the plays and/or fully produce some. Many of them present site specific opportunities or they may be presented as pre-show events during the run of Sila. This is a great option for those who cannot commit the time to a full production.