Auditions for Brave New World

Dramatized by David Rogers
Directed by Michael Mufson
Movement Direction by Molly Faulkner
Auditions Friday, August 25 • 7 PM • Studio Theatre
Callbacks Saturday, August 26 • 6:30 PM

Performances are September 29 – October 8; Fridays & Saturdays at 7 PM, Sundays at 2 PM and Thursday at 4 PM. 

Participants are required to enroll for 2 units of college credit (TA 191 Rehearsal & Performance)

Welcome to the year A.F. (After Ford) 632, the ultimate world of mass distraction. Perpetual youth, fFree sex, the Soma holiday, media-state-entertainment conditioning and genetic engineering create a world of perfect contentment; unless you happen to be different. This immersive mixed-media theatre experience will take you on an unforgettable trip into Huxley’s strange but familiar future.

Please prepare a 1 to 2-minute monologue – dramatic, comic or poetic.  Optional: In addition, you may present a brief statement about your experience and thoughts on the novel Brave New World.

Rehearsals will be Monday – Friday 6:30 – 10:30 PM and Saturday’s Noon – 5 PM, beginning August 28.

The cast includes all the main characters from the book: Director of the London Hatching and Conditioning Center, Henry Foster, Lenina Crowne, Fanny Crowne, Bernard Marx, Helmholtz Watson, John Savage, Linda, and World Controler- Mustapha Mond, plus an ensemble of actors and dancers to play a host of other characters and to create the immersive experience of the world for the audience through realistic physical actions and psychotropic movement sequences.

Contact for more information.