Every 28 Hours Plays Launches into New Year

Even before the beginning of the semester, we have presented the plays at two events with a great response.

Several plays were presented at Mira Costa College’s Cultural Competency Conference.  One respondent wrote :

Just a quick thank you for today’s 28 Hours performance. So powerful. So important. I want my students to see all 76 stories. I’m at all three schools—MiraCosta, Palomar, and CSUSM—and hope that we will be privileged enough to see full length performances at one or all of these campuses.

At Palomar we presented a playlist of 19 plays followed by a quick, directed, solution oriented dialogue for a small breakout session of the All Campus Plenary.  Audience surveys described the experience as:

Powerful, moving and impactful. • Informative and passionate • Insightful and inspirational

We are in the process of building our acting pool and planning more events.  Stay tuned for more information