More Audition Slots Added for Mamma Mia Auditions!

If you have not secured an audition time slot, come in between 1pm-4pm and we will do our best to work you in.
Mamma Mia!
Book by Catherine Johnson,
Music and lyrics from Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus
Directed by Kathy Brombacher
Music Direction by Ellen Weller
Choreography by Valerie Clark
Seeking a cast of actors, singers and dancers to play age ranges from 17 to 50. All roles are open and all ethnicities are encouraged to audition.
AUDITIONS: Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 1-5pm (by appointment- actors sign up for a 5 minute block.To sign up for an time and for future audition notifications, click here)
DANCE CALL: 5-7pm everyone who auditions is called for a Movement/Dance call.
CALLBACKS: (by invitation) Sunday, November 24th.
At 12 noon-1pm: Dance Make-up;
From 1-3pm Vocal Callbacks, 3-5pm Readings
Here’s what you need to know to prepare for auditions:
*Bring two headshots and 2 theatrical/musical/dance resumes to the audition and fill out audition paperwork on site.
*Bring a schedule of possible conflicts with the rehearsal schedule (work, classes, etc.): you must list conflicts on the audition paperwork.
*Perform a one-minute song selected from “soft rock” hits or rock musicals is required for the audition. (You will be timed).
*Bring piano sheet music in the correct key for the accompanist
CALLBACKS will be at the invitation of the director, musical director and choreographer team members. You may be asked to sing, dance and/or read from the script and score for these callbacks.
Casting will be announced within one week of the callback auditions.
ORIENTATION MEETING: Saturday, December 7 • 2PM – 4PM
REHEARSALS begin in January and will tentatively be held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 6:00 to 10:00 AND Saturdays from 1pm to 6pm. During tech week there is a long Sunday rehearsal. A full rehearsal schedule will be available to peruse at the auditions.
Friday, March 6 • 7PM
Saturday, March 7 • 7PM
Sunday, March 8 • 2PM
Thursday, March 12 • 4PM
Friday, March 13 • 7PM
Saturday, March 14 • 7PM
Sunday, March 15 • 2PM
All actors must attend each rehearsal specified for their character and each performance, including a possible pick-up rehearsal between performance weekends.
Actors cast in the musical will be required to register for a 2-unit class in theatre at Palomar College.
Donna Sheridan: (age around 40)
Owner of the Taverna on the Greek Island of Kalokairi, Donna is Sophie’s mother who never married; she is the former lead singer of “Donna and the Dynamos”. A natural beauty, she works hard to keep the Taverna open and to give smart advice to her daughter; A strong rock vocalist/strong mover/actress.
Sophie Sheridan: (age around 21)
Donna’s strong-minded daughter who wants a traditional wedding (which her mother never had), and a father to walk her down the aisle. Bright and an adventuresome risk-taker, she is emotionally complex but truly loves her fiance, Sky and understands her mother’s sacrifices for her. Belt/soprano and superb dancer.
Tanya Cresham-Leigh: (age around 40)
Tanya is one of Donna’s best friends and a member of the “Dynamos”; she married into wealth a few times and has a sassy, witty, flirtatious personality. Superb rock singer/dancer/comedian.
Rosie Mulligan: (age around 40)
The third member of Donna’s Dynamos, Rosie is single, free-spirited and a renowned author. Confident, kooky and sometimes shy, she is a strong inventive comic actress. Must move well and sing confidently.
Lisa: (Age 18-25)
Sophie’s bridesmaid/ close friend; impish, impulsive; must be strong dancer – featured ensemble.
Ali: (age 18-25) Sophie’s other bridesmaid; energetic and kooky. Strong dancer/ featured ensemble.
Sam: (age around 45)
May be Sophie’s father; he left Donna 20 years ago because he was engaged to another woman; successful architect; confident but out of his depth returning to Donna’s Taverna at Sophie’s invitation; an actor who sings and moves well.
Harry (age around 45) May be Sophie’s father; British financier; conservative now but loved rock and roll in his youth. Must have British accent; an actor who sings/handles comedy/ moves well.
Bill (age around 45) May be Sophie’s father: is by profession a travel writer ; has a rough charm and honesty; handles comedy well; an actor who sings/moves well.
Sky (age around 25) Sophie’s fiancé; athletic, attractive; left a successful business to help Donna with the Taverna and marry Sophie; thoughtful, sensitive ; moves and sings well. Featured ensemble.
Pepper (male, age around 25): Sky’s friend; works at Donna’s hotel; charming, loves to flirt; dances well, ideally has acrobatic skills. Featured ensemble.
Eddie (male, age around 25): Another friend to Sky/ worker at the hotel. Relaxed and helpful; strong dancer/singer.
Pastor Alexandrios: (age 40-60); a male or female ensemble member who officiates at Sophie’s wedding. Also in the ensemble as a villager/friend of the family.
Ensemble: (ages 20-45) Dynamic dancer/singers/actors with acting strengths to play Greek Islanders who are supporting Donna and Sophie as they prepare for Sophie’s wedding day.

Theatre Arts Student Survey

Social Justice Theatre Project – Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be this Friday, September 13 at 7PM in PAC 127.  Our primary focus will be preparing a few of the short climate plays to take to the streets next week with the goal of building awareness of the GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE from September 20-27.

We will also welcome some new participants from the CSUSM Theatre Program, who are working on The Every 28 Hours Plays.


Questions? Contact


CAST – the mental state

ANDY CADY Cameron O’Hare

ANGELA CADY Heather Fiore


DANA ROBBINS Samantha McCain

DYLAN ROBBINS Elias Questenberg


BRIAN WARD Dylan Winston


KILEY Rhiann Glaudini

KAILEY Milo Edwards


DR. MELANIE HANSEN Elizabeth Pearson

THE BATTY LADY Donna Susan Toney

DR. WAGGNER Bayani DeCastro

Ensemble Actors will play a number of parents, advocates, JROTC cadets, gunman,
and news reporters
Zach Thompson Ensemble. Aru Mistry
Thomas Welsh Ensemble Life Jacket
Osvaldo Rodriguez Ensemble. Daggers
Matthew Javier. Ensemble. Ferret
Diego Cruz Ensemble. Mad Pride
Susie Burchill Ensemble Rhonda Puffman
Kayli Camille Ensemble. Teen Blogger Robin
Casey Corona Ensemble. Dr. Cynthia Chitwertz
Matthew Jackson. Ensemble. Task Force

Still looking for an Assistant Stage Manager and Assistant Director.
Contact Annie if interested in the AD position.

the mental state – Callbacks

The following is the callback list for “The Mental State”.  Callbacks will be Sunday, August 25 from 12-5pm in the Studio Theatre at Palomar College (where you auditioned.  You will be expected to stay for the whole time. (unless noted). If you are running late or have a conflict please call or text Tony at

619-972-3354.  Be prepared to read from sides from the script.  A cast list will be posted Sunday night after 8pm.  First rehearsal will be Monday, August 26 from 6-10:30pm in the Studio Theatre. Thanks to all who auditioned.


Rhiann Glaudini

Casey Corona

Bayani Decastro

Cameron O’hare

Donna Susan Toney

Zachariah Thompson

Milo Edwards

Zoe Daniels

Connor Nolan

Jessi Navarro

Lizzi Pearson

Dylan Winston

Diego Cruz

Matthew Jackson

Osvaldo Rodriguez

Thomas Welsh

Kayli Camille

Susie Burchill

Uriel Najera

Monique Barbour

Heather Fiore

Matthew Javier

Samantha McCain

Isabel Sica

Nathan Mata

Elias Questenberg


A two semester, focused program to prepare the musical theatre actor with foundations
in singing, dancing, acting and putting it all together.  16 Units.

If you are interested in joining the 2019-20 cohort, enroll in the Fall classes below.  Some of the classes may already be full, but don’t worry, just show up to the first class and the instructor will give you a permission code to add. You can also take these classes in any order, and once you complete them you will receive the certificate. So, if you can only fit a few in your schedule right now, you can complete the certificate at your own pace.

Please use the form at the bottom of the page to let us know about your interest.


Audition SIGN-UP • the mental state, a play by Josh Adell

Directed by Annie HInton

OPEN CALL: Friday, August 23 • 6PM – 9PM (use the form at the bottom of this post to sign-up for a slot) Scripts Available in the Box Office starting August 20th between 10AM – 4pm.  Please prepare a one minute serious monologue and bring a photo/resume if you have one.

CALLBACKS: Sunday, August 24th, Noon – 5PM

REHEARSALS: Monday, August 26 – Thursday, October 3. Monday – Thursday 6PM – 11PM • Saturday & Sunday 11AM – 5PM. Technical Rehearsals: Saturday and Sunday, September 28 & 29 10AM-10PM. Dress Rehearsals: Monday, September, 30 – Thursday, October 3, 5PM – 11PM


Friday, October 4 • 7PM

Saturday, October 5 • 7PM

Sunday, October 6 • 2PM

Thursday, October 10 • 4PM

Friday, October 11 • 7PM

Saturday, October 12 • 7PM

Sunday, October 13 • 2PM


Andrew Cady: 16, a sophomore in high school. Quietly troubled. Schizophrenic. Believes Bethany is in love with him.

Angela Cady: 34, Andrew’s mother, a bartender. Recovering alcoholic. Committed to getting help for her son.

Michael Cady: 37, Andrew’s father, a factory worker. Hardworking. Addicted to opiates due to a back injury.

Dana Robbins: 37, Angela’s sister, a police officer. Strong. Fond of Andrew.

Dylan Robbins: Andrew’s deceased Uncle. A Decorated Navy SEAL Sniper.  Committed suicide. He appears to Andrew in hallucinations.

Pastor Shelby Saunders: 54, Pentecostal Church of God preacher. Compassionate. Mother/Father/God to Angela.

Brian Ward: 18, a cadet in the JROTC. Boyfriend of Bethany.

Bethany Forrest: 18, Captain of the HHS Varsity Flag Corps. Girlfriend of Brian.Sweet.

Kailey: 17, member of the Flag Corps. Bethany’s friend. Mean girl.

Principal Elizabeth Mullins: 72, Principal of Havenville High School. Tough.

Dr. Melanie Hansen: 30, HHS Director of Counseling. Odd. Tries too hard.

The Batty Lady: 60’s, a regular at the public library. Weird. Eccentric.

Dr. Waggner: 58, a county psychiatrist. Uncaring. Ineffective.

The Ensemble portrays a number of psychologists, parents, advocates, JROTC cadets, flag corps cadets, and news reporters.


The Mental State is a look at the complexities and cruel reality of mental disorders in teenagers and the resulting effects on family and those harmed by mental illness. Set in a small working class town, the action of the play centers around the character of Andy, a boy bullied in school and driven by hallucinations and the voice of his dead uncle.

Can a working class mother save her troubled son when her cries for help go unheard? Angela Cady is determined to get her son Andy through high school and on to community college. But mental illness threatens to destroy his future and tear the family apart. When Andy’s volatility leads to hospitalization, and Angela’s former addictions return to haunt her, she must summon strength to draw out help from a neglectful, poverty-stricken town. As Angela reaches out to an overextended school system, an underfunded community mental health program, and a church community overwhelmed by Andrew’s anti-social behavior, her cries for help fall on deaf ears. Steeped in the center of America’s open-carry gun culture, The Mental State explores the human story behind the newscasts, and asks how we as a national community can address the urgent issue of teenage mental illness

The action takes place in the fictional rural town of Havenville, Kentucky between the months of September and December of 2012.

Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month – Women and Sports

Women’s History Month “kick-off” events!
  • Film screening of Battle of the Sexes – the Billie Jean King story (Tuesday March 12 at 2:30pm in MD 319)
  • “ReThink Pink: Feminisms, Femininities and Other Questions” – Coffee Talk discussion of the Performing Arts Department’s production of Legally Blonde: The Musical. (Thursday March 14 at 4:30pm in the Howard Brubeck Theater)​

Women’s History Month Schedule

  • Athlete Expo – meet women who have competed at the highest levels in soccer, track, surfing and golf (Monday March 18th at 1pm in the Gov Board Room)
  • Equity in Sports: Past, Present and Future – a guest speaker will talk about Title IX and one of our own faculty will discuss current issues of equality in sports (Tuesday March 19at 2:30pm in MD 157)
  • Film screening of Underexposed – a film about the challenges women face in competitive skateboarding and a guest speaker from ExposureSkate (Wednesday March 20 at 230pm in MD 204)
  • Library exhibit on the first floor of the library featuring books and sports items.

The Every 28 Hours Plays – Get Involved


Today, in the United States of America, black people are killed by police at a sharply higher rate than other Americans. We have trouble talking about it, let alone addressing it. We have to NOW.

The Every 28 Hours Plays is a collection of 76 one-minute plays, by a diverse range of playwrights, responding to the crisis of state-sanctioned violence against Black people and all people of color in the United States of America. It is produced nationally by Calling-up Productions and Claudia Alick.

Locally, our goal is to produce these plays throughout the region in as many formats and venues as possible. Using agrass roots model, we are growing this project from the ground up; hoping to inspire more participation with each public engagement. The project is intended to promote dialogue, so we aspire to facilitate a dialogue after the plays whenever possible.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Join our outreach list. Hear about upcoming performances and other opportunities to engage with the plays.
  • Join our acting pool. The larger our pool of actors, the more flexible we are to respond to a call. We invite all people to participate regardless of acting experience.
  • Host an event. Bring us to your group, organization or community. We are very adaptable to all venues and require virtually no set-up. Our standard presentation includes a 25 minute performance of the plays, followed by a facilitated solution-oriented dialogue with a flexible time limit. We invite hosts to read the collection and make requests for a customized playlist.
  • Volunteer to support.

Please use the form below to share your interest with us.

Background on the Project from Claudia Alick, executive producer of Calling Up Productions

In August of 2014, we created a project called The Ferguson Moment in collaboration with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival(OSF), artists in St. Louis and artists from across the nation. As news of Michael Brown’s death came forward, we connected with theatre artists in Ferguson and across the United States to spark and organize a national artistic response to the oppression, violence, and resistance happening in Ferguson, MO and its relationship to all of our communities and our history. The project took place over three days where we witnessed, served, and collaborated in artistic exchange. This open source project built the bridges for each of us to continue artistic exploration in our own organizations. OSF decided to continue with a national multi-perspective approach, and reached out to short form theater maker Dominic D’Andrea and The One-Minute Play Festival (1MPF) to continue.

Produced by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival under the leadership of Claudia Alick,( OSF’s Community Producer) and Dominic D’Andrea (The One-Minute Play Festival, Producing AD), in association with local St. Louis theater makers, we developed The Every 28 Hours Plays, a national project focused on the current Civil Rights movement. The title came from the widely shared and contested statistic that every twenty-eight hours a black person is killed by vigilante, security guard, or the police in the United States. The project consists of around 76 short plays and original local content with participation from artists across the nation.

The North County 3-College Theatre and Social Justice Project

Our participation in The Every 28 Hours plays has prompted us to form a this new Theatre and Social Justice Project. We strive to create theatre experiences that provide a complex context and empathetic opening for respectful, solution-oriented dialogue following the plays. With support from the North County Higher Education Alliance, students, staff and faculty from Palomar College, Mira Costa College and CSUSM are collaborating to engage our region in the important issues that shape our times.