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Lamentatio Orpheo: The Many Lamentations of Orpheus on the Death of Eurydice

Lamentatio Orpheo seeks to unveil the infinite & eternal lamentations of Orpheus through musical meditations on the death of Eurydice.  Illuminated in the memory of the beloved & divined in loss, a window unto the soul of Lamentatio Orpheo is glimpsed in a song of melancholy.  Featuring the music of the Orpheus of the Lute & the Orpheus of the Theorbo, Lamentatio Orpheo explores free-form & improvisational works for lute derived from sixteenth century Lamentatio.

The lute is best thought of as a family of instruments rather than a single instrument.  A descendent of the Arabic oud, the lute found its way into Europe during the Crusades and via the Silk Road.  Flourishing in Europe from 1100-1800, the lute transitioned, along with changing musical styles, from 5 courses to 15 & from short to extended necks.  A member of this innumerable family, the archlute developed around 1600 alongside Opera, and features 14 courses with an extended neck.