Free Summer CyberTheatre Exploratorium Launches June 22

After two weeks of exploring and planning with a small group, we are ready to launch our Summer Cybertheatre Exploratorium.  Participation is open to anyone who is interested.  Mondays will be theatre games and exercises, with drop-ins welcomed.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be focused on exploring antiracist performance material, and we are hoping for a sustained commitment to that work. Please join us and/or spread the word on social media and email etc. 

The disruption of social systems by Covid-19  has created a global time and space for reimaging and reinventing.  As we enter into the challenge of reinventing the theatre for Zoom and other remote architectures, we also have the opportunity to imagine a path towards anti-racism and systemic justice. Using the tools of theatre, we will create a Brave Space, to facilitate a process that honestly examines and challenges the culture of White-Eurocentric Dominance that entangles us all.

Hope to see you there.

Michael A. Mufson
Professor of Theatre Arts, Palomar College