It Can’t Happen Here Audition Information

It Can’t Happen Here
by Sinclair Lewis
adapted by Tony Taccone & Bennett S. Cohen
Directed by Michael Mufson

OPEN CALL: March 9, 6:30-9:00 PM Studio Theatre. (sign-up for a time-slot  at the bottom of this page)

Please prepare a one-minute contemporary, dramatic monologue

CALLBACKS: March 10, 6-11PM

REHEARSALS: Monday, March 16 – Thursday May 7.
Monday-Friday 6:30 PM-10:30 PM. Some weekends possible.
Technical Rehearsals Saturday and Sunday, May 2 & 3, 10AM – 10PM
Dress Rehearsals Monday, May 4 – Thursday May 7, 5PM-11PM


Friday, May 8 • 8:00 PM
Saturday, May 9 • 8:00 PM
Sunday, May 10 • 3PM
Thursday, May 14 • 4PM
Friday, May 15 • 8:00 PM
Saturday, May 16 • 8:00 PM
Sunday, May 17 • 3PM

DESCRIPTION: A chilling adaptation of Sinclair Lewis’s famous 1936 novel portraying how populist, fascism could take hold in the USA. As The New York Times describes it, “At a moment when instability seems to be the only constant in American politics, “It Can’t Happen Here” offers an alluring (if terrifying) certainty: It can happen here, and what comes next will be even ghastlier than you expect.” This is a cautionary tale and call to action for all who are concerned about the future of our democracy.


Doremus Jessup: A journalist and editor of Fort Beulah’s only newspaper, The Daily Informer. His journey from a naïve liberal to resistance fighter is at the core of the play.

Lorinda Pike: A young widow who runs a tavern. She is politically outspoken and a fearless advocate for democracy.

Emma Jessup: Married to Doremus. Mother of three grown children. Wise, loyal and supportive, her family is her world.

Philip Jessup: Doremus and Emma’s son; an opportunist and  supporter of the new, fascist order.

Sissy Jessup: Doremus and Emma’s youngest daughter. Bold and courageous, she is radicalized against the rise of the demagogue Buzz Windrip and his American, fascist regime.

Mary Jessup Greenhill: A charming and vivacious woman, defined primarily by her family relationships. Daughter of Doremus and Emma. Married to Dr. Fowler Greenhill and Mother of a young son, David.

Julian Falck: A young, college educated man. He infiltrates the Windrip’s populist, paramilitary group, Minute Men. Develops a romantic relationship with Sissy Jessup.

Dr. Fowler Greenhill: A good physician and good person. Married to Mary Jessup.  He risks his life to stand up for Justice.

Shad Ledue: A bitter, “forgotten man,” whose viscous, amoral actions propel him to power in the ranks of the Windrip regime.

Buzz Windrip: A charismatic demagogue who leverages his election on fear and false promises into an American fascist dictatorship.


Brigadier General Herbert Y. Edgeways • Adelaide Tarr Gimmitch • Crowd Member 1 • Crowd Member 2 • Frank Tasbrough • R.C. Crowley • David Greenhill (Offstage) • Radio Announcer (Offstage) • Bishop Prang • Buck Titus • Man 1 • Man 2 • Man 3 • Man 4 • Man 5 • Woman 1 • Woman 2 • Minute Men (Multiple; N/S) • Private William Dooley (N/S) • Emcee • Lee Sarason • Heckler • Karl Pascal • Jaime Johnson • John Pollikop • Priest • Voice (Offstage) • Effingham Swan • Guards (Multiple; N/S) • First Minute Man • Second Minute Man • Dimick/Presidential Aide • Doctor • Voice 1 • Voice 2 • Voice 3 • Sergeant • Prison Guard • Man Moving Press 1 (N/S) • Man Moving Press 2  • Farmer