Concert Hour this Thursday, Sept. 29th! Steph Johnson/Rob Thorsen Trio!!

Guitarist/vocalist Steph Johnson is joined by bassist Rob Thorsen and drummer Fernando Gomez for a set of jazz, rock and soul grooves!


Concert Hour this Thursday, Sept. 22nd! GPS&M Jazz Quartet!

A San Diego County jazz super group! Lead by bassist and Grossmont College music instructor Justin Grinnell, with vibraphonist (and San Diego percussion mainstay) Jim Plank who is playing Concert Hour for the first time , saxophonist Tripp Sprague and drummer Duncan Moore. Line up early!

Bring a friend, it’s FREE!


Winter Dance Auditions!!


 For the Student Choreography to be presented in the

Winter Concert 2016

Friday, December 9th, 2016 7:30PM

Saturday, December 10th, 2016 7:30PM


*1st Audition: Thursday, October 6th

Time: 9:00-11:00am

Place: PAC 215/216

Work must be half finished:

Solos: 2-3 minutes (total)

Groups: 3-5 minutes (total)


*2nd Audition: Thursday, November 10th  

Time: 9:00-11:00 am


*Work must be completed.

*All dancers must be present.

*All paperwork (handed out on the 1st Audition) must be carefully completed and submitted by the 2nd Audition (Bio’s via email)

*Paper work (Tech forms/Bio/Music) not on file No Audition!


* After audition on Tuesday, Nov 15th, we will have our production meeting with Tech/audio, costume personnel etc.

Put the following dates on your calendar now!  Mandatory rehearsals!

 *1st Production meeting/Run through of the program November 15th at 9AM – PAC 215

*2nd Run through of the program November 17th at 9AM –PAC-215

*Dry Rehearsal Monday, December 5th- call at 5PM – Theatre

*Tech Rehearsal Tuesday and Wednesday, December 6th and 7th call at 5PM

*Full Dress rehearsal Thursday December 8th call at 5PM, show at 7PM

*Show Friday and Saturday December 9th and 10th call at 5PM, show at 7:30PM

These are MANDATORY rehearsals!!!

Everything starts at 5:00pm

Note these dates on your class/work schedules NOW!

*For question Contact:

 Director Patriceann Mead, Ext. 2969

Tomorrow at Concert Hour, Sept. 15th! John Russell!!

Tomorrow at Concert Hour, September 15th at 12:30pm!!


Palomar College’s newly arrived faculty member and vocalist extraordinaire steps right to the Concert Hour stage to present a set of Benjamin Britten compositions for high voice.

Dr. John Russell is not only the new Director of Choral and Vocal Studies at Palomar College, but has been the Music Director for the San Diego Master Chorale since 2014. He is known for his “heart melting legato” and is frequently in demand as a tenor soloist.

Come tomorrow and treat yourself to an afternoon of beautiful music in the Howard Brubeck Theatre.

And as always, bring a friend! It’s FREE!!

Our Town Cast List

CAST LIST for Our Town

PLEASE email me to let me know that you accept (

First Rehearsal is this Monday, August 29 at 7:00pm (Ready to work—so 6:50 is even better!)

Stage Manager Heather Fiore
Emily Webb Delaney Dietrich
Mr Webb Benjamin Monts
Mrs Webb Lea Le Brun
Wally Webb Ryan Jacobs
George Gibbs Kofialta A Ofori
Dr Gibbs Jolyon Alexander
Mrs Gibbs Monique Barbour
Rebecca Gibbs Macy Weinfurter
Mrs Soames Carmen Adams
Simon Stimson Frida Torres
Joe Crowell, Jr T Mitchell Ridgaway (also, Si Crowell and, Sam Craig)
Howie Newsome Myron Crowe (also Ensemble)
Constable Warren Aaron Rodriguez (also Ensemble)
Professor Willard Austin Loving (also Ensemble)
Joe Stoddard Aureliana Canseco (also Ensemble)
Baseball Player Liam Sullivan (also Ensemble)

Thank you to everyone who auditioned.

I so appreciate your time and sharing your talent with me.

Please audition for me again.

Also, Michael Mufson will be having auditions soon, so keep checking!

-Dana Case

Our Town Callbacks

Callback List for Our Town
For Saturday, August 27, 2016
Please arrive at the Studio Theatre at 12:00 Noon

Monique Barbour
Carmen Adams
Aureliana Canseco
Lea LaBrun
Anna Younce
Delaney Dietrich
Rachel Jacobs
Macy Weinfurter

Kofialta Ofori
Austin Loving
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Ritchey
Myron Crowe
Thomas Mitchell Ridgeway
Colin Atkins
Saroush Separ
Jolyon Alexander
Liam Sullivan

Please note:
If your name is NOT on this list, there is a possibility that you have been cast.
Please look at the final cast list on Sunday.
Thank you all!

Auditions for Our Town!


Palomar Performing Arts Theatre

Our Town

Thorton Wilder’s classic play

Directed by Dana Case

In the Studio Theatre

Auditions: Fri Aug 26th at 6:30pm

Callbacks: Sat Aug 27th from 12-4pm

Please prepare a short monologue

Many roles for many actors

The role of the Stage Manager has been cast


Rehearsals: Mon thru Fri 7pm to 11:00pm (and possible Saturdays/Sundays) from Aug 29 thru Oct 6

Performances: October 7-16


Perusal scripts in the box office

760-744-1150 ext 2453

1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos

Questions: Contact Dana Case at

Fall 2016 Music Ensemble Auditions

Chamber Singers (MUS-158)

12:45pm Monday, August 22nd

Room D-6

Contact instructor for specifics audition requirements –


Palomar Jazz Ensemble (MUS-152)

3:25pm Monday, August 22nd

Room D-6

Contact instructor for specific audition requirements –


Repertory Jazz Ensemble (MUS-172)

6:45pm Monday, August 22nd

Room D-6

Contact instructor for specific audition requirements –


Palomar Symphony Orchestra (MUS-198)

6:45pm Tuesday, August 23rd

Room D-6

Contact instructor for specific audition requirements –


Palomar Chorale (MUS-148)

6:45pm Wednesday, August 24th

Room D-5

Contact instructor for specifics audition requirements –


Concert Band (MUS-198)

6:45pm Thursday, August 25th

Room D-6

Contact instructor for specifics audition requirements –