Callbacks for Rhinoceros

Here is the list of names for callbacks for Rhinoceros. They will be held on Tuesday, October 3, starting at 6pm in the Studio Theatre. Thank you to all who participated in auditions tonight.

Justin Hoover
Vivianna McCormick
Dori Sanchis
Omar Fox
Neha Curtiss
Austin Williams
Monique Barbour
Caty Hill
Bryse Knowles
Stephen Tavares
Erin Brunansky
Huda Jafar
Oksana Gorban
Neefa Lachmandas
Heather Mowery-Murray



Monday, March 13th.  6PM in the Studio Theatre.



by Bruce Norris

directed by Annie Hinton

This highly acclaimed satire with the sting of self-reflection spins off of Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin In The Sun, by showing the world of Chicago’s Clybourne Park in 1959 and 2010. In Act One we see the chain reaction of members of the all-white suburb to the first attempt of a Black family to move into the neighborhood. Fifty years later in Act Two, the situation is reversed as the now mostly black community faces a white families’ arrival.


Character Breakdown: (All actors play one character in Act I and another in Act II.)

RUSS the father/DAN a workman. Caucasian.

BEV the mother/CATHY a lawyer. Caucasian.

FRANCINE a housekeeper/ LENA a professional woman.  African American.

ALBERT husband to Francine/ KEVIN an investment banker.  African American.

KARL a neighbor/ STEVE a prospective house buyer.     Caucasian .

BETSY Karl’s pregnant wife. Deaf but speaks; ASL a plus./ LINDSAY a professional woman. Caucasian.

JIM the minister/ TOM a lawyer.  Caucasian.

KENNETH Russ and Cathy’s son, only appears once. Caucasian.



Please prepare a 1 to 2 minute monologue or a rehearsed scene from the play.

Rehearsals begin March 21. Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30 – 9:30 PM.

Fridays 3:00 – 7:00 PM.

Saturdays & Sundays Noon – 4PM.

Spring Break rehearsals: Sat 25 & Sun 26 Noon – 4 PM

Performances May 5-15

For more information contact Annie Hinton –

Cast List – Ten Acrobats in an Amazing Leap of Faith

Kamal························· Nicholas Stout
Mona·························· Ingrid Trovão
Tawfiq························ Zackary Blanca
Huwaida····················· Karanjot Kane
Hamza························ Gabriel Soberón Nelson, (Understudy – Omar Andres Medina)
Pauline······················· Teresa Crespo Hartendorp
H.D.···························· Saba Katawazi
Murad························ Lucas A. Rivera
Kevin·························· Marcus A.D.
Aziz ··························· Bruce Thompson
Ensemble··················· Kevin Lynch, Hinako Nishikawa, Ashley Carlos, Daniele Soto

First rehearsal tonight, Wednesday, Feb 8 at 6:30 PM in the Howard Brubeck Theatre.

Many thanks and deep gratitude to all those who auditioned!


Callbacks • Ten Acrobats in an Amazing Leap of Faith

Callbacks • February 7 • 6PM Howard Brubeck Theatre

Zackary Blanca
Joy Cooper
Teresa Crespo Hartendorp
Karanjot Kane
Saba Katawazi
Gina Marie
Gabriel Soberón Nelson
Lucas A. Rivera
Danielle Soto
Nick Stout
Bruce Thompson
Ingrid Trovão
The following are cast in the ensemble (Veiled Figures, Customs Clerk, Bomb Experts)  We do not need you for the callbacks.  Please come to the first rehearsal on Wednesday, February 7 at 6:30 PM in the Howard Brubeck Theatre


Ashley Carlos
Kevin Lynch
Hinako Nishikawa

Auditions: Palomar Theatre’s Two Spring Productions



Click this link for a pdf of the audition announcement auditions-spring-2017

Facing Our Truth Cast List

Our sincerest thanks to all who auditioned. We enjoyed your work immensely.
First rehearsal is Monday, October 17; Please arrive promptly, ready to start at 6:30PM


Night Vision:

Ayanna – Regina Bispo-Rains

Ezra –Myron Crowe

Some Other Kid:

Elissa- Tatiana Williams

Owen- Jolyon Maxilom
Andre – Kofi  Ofori


Also Blue- Myron Crowe

Blue- Christine Dillard, (understudy- Regina Bispo-Rains)

Green- Caty Hill

Purple- Macy Weinfurter

Pink- Jolyon Maxilom

Red- Kofi  Ofori

Yellow- Kian Nourollahi

Teal- Caitlyn Westmoreland

Indigo- Lexi Schneider

Musician- Gabriel Saberón Nelson

Thew Ballad of George Zimmerman:

Zimmerman- Teresa Crespo-Hartendorp

Treyvon- Joy Cooper

Policewoman- Danielle Soto


Mom- Joy Cooper

Son- Kofi

No More Monsters Here:

Doc – Kofi Ofori (understudy: Joy Cooper)

Rebecca- Colette Culbertson

Greatest Gran- Myron Crowe

Woman in Elevator- Lexi Schneider

CALLBACKS: Facing Our Truth: Six 10-Minute Plays on Trayvon, Race and Privilege

Our sincerest thanks to all who auditioned. The following people are called back.
Please arrive and be ready to start promptly at 7PM


Regina Bispo-Rains

Joy Cooper

Teresa Crespo-Hartendorp

Myron Crowe

Colette Culbertson

Christina Dillard

Caty Hill

Ryan Jacobs

Jolyon Maxilom

Gabriel Saberón Nelson

Kian Nourollahi

Kofi  Ofori

Danielle Soto

Nick Stout

Macy Weinfurter

Caitlyn Westmoreland

Auditions- Facing Our Truth: Six 10-Minute Plays On Trayvon, Race and Privilege


Seeking a diverse ensemble of actors, dancers & musicians
Auditions are Monday, October 10, 2016 at 6:30 PM in the Palomar College Studio Theatre

Directed by Michael Mufson and Ingrid Trovão.

These six ten minute plays were first commissioned by The New Black Fest in response to the killing of Treyvon Martin and the acquittal George Zimmerman.  Since that time, public incidents of violence against black men have been increasingly exposed. Facing Our Truth’s purpose is to incite serious discussion in our collective communities around issues of racial injustice, police violence and white privilege.

There are many roles specifically for African-American women and men.  There are also some roles for people of all ethnicities, races and genders.

Please prepare either a 1-minute contemporary monologue or 1-minute passion statement inspired by the subject of the plays.  In either case, your presentation should be thoroughly memorized and rehearsed.

Callbacks will be Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 6PM.

Rehearsals: October 17-Dec 1. Monday-Friday 6:30-10:30 PM and some Saturday afternoons. If cast, actors will enroll in 2units for the rehearsals and performances.

Performances: December 2,3,4,8,9,10,11, 2016. Fridays and Saturday’s at 7:00 PM, Sundays at 2:00 PM, Thursday at 4:00.

Casting Breakdown

Night Vision by Dominique Morisseau

AYANNA – Black woman, mid-late 30s. Pregnant. Hypersensitive. Over stuffed with book-quotes and clinical terminology.  Wife of Ezra.
EZRA – Black man, late 30s. Steady. Calming. Thoughtful. A loving husband with one eye always on the streets around him. Husband of Ayanna.

Some Other Kid  by A. Rey Pamatmat

ELISSA- 17, any race (non-white). some kid
ANDRE – 17, African-American, some otl1er kid
OWEN – 17, any race, their friend
Colored by Winter Miller

GREEN – Woman
PURPLE – Woman
YELLOW – Boy, I 5
PINK- Boy, 16
RED- Boy. 15
INDIGO – Woman
The Ballad Of George Zimmerman Text by Dan O’Brien, Music by Quetzal Flores

ZIMMERMAN – Late 20s, would call himself Hispanic (plays guitar).
TRAYVON – Late teens, would call himself Black.
OFFICER – Would call herself White.
Dressing  by Mona Mansour & Tala Manassah

MOM – early 40s, black
SON – 17, black
No More Monsters Here by Marcus Gardley

REBECCA – a white woman
DOC – a black psychiatrist. The same actor plays FMPLOYER
GREATEST GRAND – The same actor plays OOKIE, a dealer
Perusal scripts available at the Library reserve desk or contact
For information contact Michael Mufson at


Our Town Callbacks

Callback List for Our Town
For Saturday, August 27, 2016
Please arrive at the Studio Theatre at 12:00 Noon

Monique Barbour
Carmen Adams
Aureliana Canseco
Lea LaBrun
Anna Younce
Delaney Dietrich
Rachel Jacobs
Macy Weinfurter

Kofialta Ofori
Austin Loving
Aaron Rodriguez
Aaron Ritchey
Myron Crowe
Thomas Mitchell Ridgeway
Colin Atkins
Saroush Separ
Jolyon Alexander
Liam Sullivan

Please note:
If your name is NOT on this list, there is a possibility that you have been cast.
Please look at the final cast list on Sunday.
Thank you all!

Auditions for Our Town!


Palomar Performing Arts Theatre

Our Town

Thorton Wilder’s classic play

Directed by Dana Case

In the Studio Theatre

Auditions: Fri Aug 26th at 6:30pm

Callbacks: Sat Aug 27th from 12-4pm

Please prepare a short monologue

Many roles for many actors

The role of the Stage Manager has been cast


Rehearsals: Mon thru Fri 7pm to 11:00pm (and possible Saturdays/Sundays) from Aug 29 thru Oct 6

Performances: October 7-16


Perusal scripts in the box office

760-744-1150 ext 2453

1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos

Questions: Contact Dana Case at