Concert Hour this Thursday-March 10th at 12:30pm: Harley Magsino Trio!!!

HM3: Harley Magsino Trio

HM3 is a project led by San Diego bassist Harley Magsino and joined by Joshua White on keys and Charles Weller on drums. This project features all original music that explores the different layers of groove-based/back-beat oriented music.  The compositions borrow styles ranging from 90′s hip-hop/R&B, neo-soul, rock, gospel, D&B, techno, dubstep, trip-hop, funk, etc. In conjunction with jazz improvisational element, the trio plays each composition with creative freedom yielding tonal and rhythmic lift but still adhering to the concept of the groove.

Howard Brubeck Theatre at 12:30pm

Bring a friend, it’s FREE!!