PSO: Power of the Beat!! – This Friday at 7PM

Palomar Symphony Orchestra

The Elements of Music: Harmony, Melody, Rhythm and Soul

Part III: The Power of the Beat!

The series continues with music that connects us with our bodies through rhythm and its uplifting power! Featuring music from The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Joseph Zawinul, Leonard Bernstein and more!

Also featured, the Fortissimo Orchestra!

The Fortissimo Orchestra began in January 2015 at Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary School in the San Marcos Unified School District. It is the first orchestra in this district. The inspiration came from the hugely successful El Sistema, now gone global, from Venezuela. The premise is that music is the vehicle to improve the lives of children from low socio economic areas. Fortissimo is possible through a partnership of Kid’s College and SMUSD, and our community grants and supporters. Teaching Artists: Anna Piland and Andrew Waid.

Directed by Ellen Weller