Audition SIGN-UP • the mental state, a play by Josh Adell

Directed by Annie HInton

OPEN CALL: Friday, August 23 • 6PM – 9PM (use the form at the bottom of this post to sign-up for a slot) Scripts Available in the Box Office starting August 20th between 10AM – 4pm.  Please prepare a one minute serious monologue and bring a photo/resume if you have one.

CALLBACKS: Sunday, August 24th, Noon – 5PM

REHEARSALS: Monday, August 26 – Thursday, October 3. Monday – Thursday 6PM – 11PM • Saturday & Sunday 11AM – 5PM. Technical Rehearsals: Saturday and Sunday, September 28 & 29 10AM-10PM. Dress Rehearsals: Monday, September, 30 – Thursday, October 3, 5PM – 11PM


Friday, October 4 • 7PM

Saturday, October 5 • 7PM

Sunday, October 6 • 2PM

Thursday, October 10 • 4PM

Friday, October 11 • 7PM

Saturday, October 12 • 7PM

Sunday, October 13 • 2PM


Andrew Cady: 16, a sophomore in high school. Quietly troubled. Schizophrenic. Believes Bethany is in love with him.

Angela Cady: 34, Andrew’s mother, a bartender. Recovering alcoholic. Committed to getting help for her son.

Michael Cady: 37, Andrew’s father, a factory worker. Hardworking. Addicted to opiates due to a back injury.

Dana Robbins: 37, Angela’s sister, a police officer. Strong. Fond of Andrew.

Dylan Robbins: Andrew’s deceased Uncle. A Decorated Navy SEAL Sniper.  Committed suicide. He appears to Andrew in hallucinations.

Pastor Shelby Saunders: 54, Pentecostal Church of God preacher. Compassionate. Mother/Father/God to Angela.

Brian Ward: 18, a cadet in the JROTC. Boyfriend of Bethany.

Bethany Forrest: 18, Captain of the HHS Varsity Flag Corps. Girlfriend of Brian.Sweet.

Kailey: 17, member of the Flag Corps. Bethany’s friend. Mean girl.

Principal Elizabeth Mullins: 72, Principal of Havenville High School. Tough.

Dr. Melanie Hansen: 30, HHS Director of Counseling. Odd. Tries too hard.

The Batty Lady: 60’s, a regular at the public library. Weird. Eccentric.

Dr. Waggner: 58, a county psychiatrist. Uncaring. Ineffective.

The Ensemble portrays a number of psychologists, parents, advocates, JROTC cadets, flag corps cadets, and news reporters.


The Mental State is a look at the complexities and cruel reality of mental disorders in teenagers and the resulting effects on family and those harmed by mental illness. Set in a small working class town, the action of the play centers around the character of Andy, a boy bullied in school and driven by hallucinations and the voice of his dead uncle.

Can a working class mother save her troubled son when her cries for help go unheard? Angela Cady is determined to get her son Andy through high school and on to community college. But mental illness threatens to destroy his future and tear the family apart. When Andy’s volatility leads to hospitalization, and Angela’s former addictions return to haunt her, she must summon strength to draw out help from a neglectful, poverty-stricken town. As Angela reaches out to an overextended school system, an underfunded community mental health program, and a church community overwhelmed by Andrew’s anti-social behavior, her cries for help fall on deaf ears. Steeped in the center of America’s open-carry gun culture, The Mental State explores the human story behind the newscasts, and asks how we as a national community can address the urgent issue of teenage mental illness

The action takes place in the fictional rural town of Havenville, Kentucky between the months of September and December of 2012.